We are the Arizona Democratic Party Latino Caucus. Our mission is to unify the Democratic efforts of Arizona's Latinos (or whatever term folks use to self-identify) from all of the counties in Arizona. Our vision is to help Arizona realize its potential as a home where any person regardless of ethnic heritage or economic background can have equity in all things.


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    Stand with our immigrant community to fight for DACA

    We stand with our immigrant community and will fight alongside them as a united party. As a united party, any endeavor or community attack that comes our way will be endured together through our investment in intersectionality and diversity. Many members of our caucus have been through the long haul for numerous years fighting for our immigrant community here in Arizona. We hope you all will join us in this fight.

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    Fellow Democrats,

    We, as Democrats, stand with the immigrant rights community against the actions of the Trump administration. The threatened removal of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) directly targets our friends, family, and neighbors. The administration should be disgraced because the students, parents, homeowners, taxpayers within the immigrant community have exemplified American and Arizonan values, time and again.

    We call on all people of good moral character to take a stand. We ask for your support with work at the week of action (currently ongoing), donations to the same, and time to the organizations working to protect our immigrant brothers and sisters, including LUCHA, Aliento, CAIR-AZ, CNL, One Arizona, Mi Familia Vota, among many others.

    • We urge all people to make calls to Senators McCain and Flake, and our Congressional Representatives in support of DACA and urging them to act against the president’s actions.
    • We push our school board members to contact Patrick Morales (patrick@azstudents.org) for sample policy to protect our students and families.
    • We encourage the direct participation of our base, candidates, staff, and supporters in the fight to defend DACA.

    In Service,

    Dominique Medina
    Chair, Latino Caucus
    Arizona Democratic Party

    Maritza Miranda Saenz
    Chair, Latino Outreach Committee
    Maricopa County Democratic Party


    Democratic Party Leaders signed on so far:

    Arizona Democratic Party
    Alexis Tameron Kinsey, Chair
    Herschel Fink, Executive Director
    Dominique Medina, Chair, Latino Caucus 

    Maricopa County Democratic Party
    Steven Slugocki, Chair
    Miguel Medrano, Executive Director
    Maritza Miranda Saenz, Chair, Latino Outreach Committee 

    Santa Cruz County Democratic Party
    Mary Darling, Chair

    Pinal County Democratic Party
    David Coward, Chair

    Mohave County Democratic Party
    Marty Luna-Wolfe, Chair

    Patrick Seifter, Chair, LD24 Democrats
    Brion Neeley, Chair, LD23 Democrats
    Natali Fierros Bock, Chair, LD8 Democrats
    Jan Nichols, Chair, LD30 Democrats
    Fern Ward, Chair, LD27 Democrats
    Jacob Schmitt, Chair, LD17 Democrats
    Christina Shelley, FNPC, Chair, LD12 Democrats
    Nancy Schriber, Chair, LD28 Democrats
    Bill Ford, Chair, LD13 Democrats
    Monica Gallardo Pimentel, Chair, LD29 Democrats
    Dr. Janie Hydrick, Chair, LD18 Democrats
    Alejandro Chavez, Chair, LD19 Democrats